Phot of Rennibister Wind Turbine rotor being craned into position

Construction of wind Turbine

Installed on a large coastal agricultural holding, Rennibister Wind Power has utilised a Wind Class 1 rated turbine to withstand the wind speeds experienced at this strong wind site. Advanced Enercon technology ensures impressive generation levels are achieved, generating a reliable income for the host farmer.

The turbine is wholly owned by Orcadian renewables entrepreneur Barry Johnston. Barry has worked in renewable energy for over 15 years, during which he has built a strong portfolio of successful and varied companies.

Project Summary:

Located within 3.5km of Kirkwall – the administrative centre of the Orkney Islands, the turbine is seen by a large number of islanders and visitors. It presents a positive, forward-looking approach to electricity generation and makes an important contribution to Orkney becoming a net exporter of electricity.

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